Toilet Paper Roll Production Line

Toilet Paper Roll Production Line

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Our boma company is a profeesional manufacturer in paper machine field. Please contact to get our products price list.

Toilet Paper Roll Production Line

1.Multi function: automatic conveying, Double head operation, qutomati sealing ,automatic countering. 

2.Adopting the advanced PLC computer programming control and employing the liquid crystal text to display parameters, it is with simple set and water cooling control.Moreover,its temperature controlling is more precise so that heating wires and tapes with thermo stability can be protected more efficient. The machine use the servo motor to push the products to the bags, it causes to locating the products more accurately. 

3.Packing and sealing  are pretty and tidy. The machine can be operated with full-automation and semi-automation. The machine with conveyer can be connected with automatic toilet roll packing machine with conveyer. This allows the machine have high capacity and therefore to save the labor and reduce production cost. 


5.Suitable for short roll. The machine cannot proofred color code qutomatically.

6.Comprehensive desigh,rigid fram, and imported major component, this  allows our machine work steadily & efficiently, and therefore this  this makes our machine have long life.

Model:                                BM-10A

Capacity:                            8-12pack/min

Power Supply:                   220V     50Hz
Power:                               2Kw


Packing diameter :        φ80-120mm   diameter for single roll:φ80-120mm

Packing height:            100-170mm        Height for single roll: 100-170mm

Machine size:                 L4100*W1000*H1500                  

Available:                        for short roll

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