Square Bottom Paper Bag Packing Machine

Square Bottom Paper Bag Packing Machine

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This BM-40A square bottom paper bag packing machine is suitable for packing towel paper.It can be customized. Please contact to get price list.

Square Bottom Paper Bag Packing Machine

Machine Characteristic 
1. Multi-function, for packing of square napkins,conveying, product auto feed sealing and cutting in one machine, merged with transfer conveyor, firect link to converting machine.

2. Advanced PLC technology and screen idicate allows accurate and easy operation , further lasting for heat coil and sealing tape protection

3.Good tidy,even appearance product are combinated in this semi-auto conveying ,pack and seal machine when connected directly to the product conveying system, less manpower, cost saving with fast and higher production capacity.
4.Packing speed:14-20 pack/min Facial tissue,napkin,square napkin must be customized.
5.Comprehensive design,rigidframe,and imported major component,allows our machine to work steadily,efficiently, and long lasting.


Machine Model             BM-40A

Packing speed             14---20pack/min.

Power source              220 V  50 HZ

Air supply                   0.6 MPA(by others)

Power consumption     1.2KW

Allowable packing size  L110-210* W80-100 * 40-110mm ( width must be pre-selected)

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