Handkerchief Tissue /Mini Type Face Tissue Machine

Handkerchief Tissue /Mini Type Face Tissue Machine

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Still looking for handkerchief papar packing machine? Our Handkerchief Tissue /Mini Type Face Tissue Machine has been tested for a long time.It works stable and with low failure.Please contact

Handkerchief Tissue/Mini Type Face Tissue Machine

1.Machine is for mid-pack of stanfard and mini type. Size pocket tissue, napkins, auto feed convey merged with single auto pack machine.
2.Machine requires one workeroperation, counter detects quantity to be packed, only bags are inserted and product are pushed, fold and seal in one operation, save man-power and cost efficient.
3.Packing speed: 7-12 packs/min(only one worker required)packing size to be confirmed when ordered.
4. If the conveyor is full of products, the machine can detect it and push out outside automatically.

Model                                       BM-60A
Pack speed                              9—15 pack/min

Power supply                         220 V,50 HZ

Air supply                              0.5 MPA(by customer)
Power                                        1.2kw
Packing size (L*W*H)         standardtype  mini type width must to be customized
Machine size                           2700*1050*1150 mm

Contact Person: Elena        



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